Wars are part of the history of any nation. The fact is that people have always been in conflict. Although peace is not absolutely the absence of war, it is something that could be achieved when harmony and unity amongst peoples are assured in a society. In order to make sure that the wars written in history will not recur, it is important for the people of the current times to read and have a glimpse of the horrors of war in the lens of someone who has been in the situation personally.

This is entirely the reason why it is important to read stories from military writer or poets who are veterans of the war. Apart from catching a glimpse of the different things that transpire within this part of history, you also could learn a thing or two from war stories, especially when it comes to conflict resolution. Here are the benefits of doing such:

1. Military Writes Shape the Narrative

The narrative of the stories as to how and why wars started is best captured by military writers. The reason behind this is that they have lived through the experience of being in a war torn area and they have fought for the country that they are on service of. At the end of the day, there is no single person who could capture the images of war through the exquisite flow of words and narrative as a military could. Thus, if you want to learn the facts of the war without getting bored of it, reading a work of a military writer would certainly offer you with a fresh look on how wars transpire, what consequences it brings and whether its purposes have served the interest of many.

2. Writing is Healing

Another reason why you need to patronize a work of a war veteran is because it could be a way for them to heal. There are a lot of war veterans who constantly experience post-traumatic stress disorder. In order to help them cope between the reality and the experiences that they have gone through during their service, writing is one of the most helpful of things that could assist them in recovery. Although reliving the experience is part of the writing experience, soldiers who are able to express their vicarious experience, the emotions they have felt during their service and the different images that could teach a lesson or two about war could easily move on from the stress that they have had during these circumstances.

3. Learn

Most importantly, the reason why you should read works of military is for you to learn. Not only the experiences that they have, but also on what really happens to people who frontline during this time of crises. Ultimately, learning the experiences of people who have been in the war would certainly open your eyes to the realities and horrors of war, making you critical of the decisions that your government makes especially when it comes to conflict resolution.